•  When the incline angle of conveyor belt is large to convey the material easy to slip.

   Now we should be using chevron belt. 

•  Chevron belts in varying designs are widely used for handling a wide range of materials

    at moderate inclinations. These can include bulk materials such as crushed minerals,

    sand, coal, wood chips, grain, fertilizer, as well as sacks and packages. 

•  The Max. conveyor angle can reach 28° when convey the ball material. The Max.

   Conveyor angle can reach 35° when convey the soft packing material, the bulk and

    package material are conveyed up to 40°.


•  Large convey angle, not easy to slip.

•  The product with different patterns are suitable for different material, it can choose

    based on actual needs.

•  The pattern and belt are vulcanized into moulding with the high adhesion.