The good performance EP fabric is used as carcass which have the high tensile strength, acid 
and alkali resistant,heat resistant,oilresistant etc.
And the most outstanding feather is small 
elongation rate under constant load and not easy to deform, dimension stability ,operation goes smoothly and no elongation in the future running. 




The top cover of the filter belt is arranged in rows of grooves as the drainage; There is a row 
of holes in the middle of the grooves which can collect the liquid in the vacuum box.
The holes 
are made by rubber fabric free zone and block the chemical liquid through the fabric layers so that improve the service life. 
According to the nature of transmission in different materials to choose filter belt type.
The fabric free zone can be designed based on the customer s requirements.




Filter belts are used in specialized dewatering process equipment for separating solids from liquids in a slurry.

It is used in the processing of minerals, ores, chemicals, dyes, foodstuffs, coal and paper as well as in

flue-gas desulfurization systems and in fertilizer.

Manufacturing capacity

Belt width : 3400 mm 
Length:  20-200m 
Total thickness: 20-50 mm 
Top cover rubber: 10-30mm 
Bottom cover rubber: 5-15 mm
Rubber qualities: Conventional resistant, Heat resistant,

Acid and Alkali resistant, Oil resistant.