Tunneling EasyClean Vertical Lifting System


▶  The tunneling EasyClean vertical lifting system refers to a compound elevator used for tunneling construction and muck conveying, which is composed of an EasyClean sidewall belting

    conveyor and a supporting belt conveyor. It solves the difficulty of removing slag and low efficiency of transporting clay in the tunneling construction.

▶  The simple structure and high efficiency enables lifting all kinds of muck transportation when tunneling construction.

▶  The EasyClean sidewall belting conveyor (the EasyClean sidewall belt) runs simultaneously with the belt supporting conveyor (the flat belt).

▶  The muck has been loaded into the muck holding section, which is formed by the EasyClean sidewall belt and support flat belt. Then the muck has been lifted to the ground. When the

    muck arrives on the driving drum of the EasyClean sidewall belting conveyor, which is further running along the movement direction, and the muck is unloading because lose support by

     the belt, then turn into preset slag device. 

▶  Since the support belt is flat belt, the sticky muck on the flat belt will be cleared through the clear slag scraper, easily be stripped, so as to achieve the easy cleaning when tunneling



EasyClean sidewall belt


  The Easy-cleaning sidewall belting is made up with rubber and steel while the

     traditional fabrication is fully rubber for base belt, sidewall and cleats.

  The base belt is two identical piece of narrower belting instead of one whole

     piece in order to reduce the total weight.

  The carcass of base belt is of high-strength materials, which could be of high-

     strength of steel wire with less diameter for most applications and could be also fabric.

▶  The cross-rigidity of base belt is SW which is of different diameter with different

     pitches based on different application.

▶  The cleats is of steel instead of rubber which make the belting can turn around

     and easy unloading with cleaning. 

  The Easy-cleaning belting has been running for 3 months at jobsite which proves

     satisfactory by the customers.

  The technology has been patented.