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Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials. It is mainly used for materials handling at Chemical industry (fertilizer), Harbor terminal (rock / ore / coal), Power plants (coal / ash / gypsum), Crushing plants (rock / gravel / sand), Mining (ore / limestone / chemicals), Steel plants (alloys / scrap metal / iron ore), etc.


1. No Transfer Points.
2. No Spillage with steep angle Conveying.
3. Maximum utilisation of space.
4. Minimum Maintenance, Long Belt Life.
5. Wide Range of Materials can be handled.
6. Low Power Requirement, Quiet Smooth Running.




QBF sidewall belting is assembled by hot vulcanization technology, which achieves super high adhesion value, flatten and non-fall off. The adhesion won’t be influenced by high temperature material.

The biggest new invested sidewall belt assembly lines in China for complete belts has installed, which ensures maximum quality standards and higher productivity.



QBF has wide ranging knowledge in all aspects of sidewall conveyor belting and it's aim is to supply correctly designed sidewall belts of the highest quality.



Production Range:

Sidewall height: 40 mm--630 mm
Cleat height: 35 mm--500 mm
Base Belt width: 500 mm--2400 mm




Rubber Qualities:
Black Standard High Abrasion Resistant
Black Oil and Fat Resistant.  
Heat Resistant to 150°C   
High Heat Resistant to 180°C
Flame Retardant



















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