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Rubber dam is a new type of hydraulic structure compared with steel sluice gate, and made of high-strength fabric adhering with rubber, which forms a rubber bag anchoring on basement floor of dam. Filling water or air into the dam bag, rubber dam is used for water retention. Emptying water or air from the dam bag, it is used for flood release. Rubber dam has many advantages compared to conventional weirs, such as low cost, simple hydraulic structure, short construction time, perfect seismic performance and effect of stopping leading, and low resistance to water flow in flood season.

Rubber Dam Application
Rubber Dams have wide prospect in the world since they can be used especially for irrigation and for pisciculture, hydropower generation, environmental improvement and recreation purpose. Rubber Dams are not known to have other than beneficial impact on environment and ecology.

Advantages of Rubber Dam
1. Saves huge amount of steel, cement, timber and other construction materials.
2. The dam body can be fully deflated to lower it to flat level on base floor so that the flood flow passes without any obstruction.
3. Rubber dams can have spans as long as 100 meters without dividing piers. This provides full width of active cross-section of the river channel to release flood flow.
4. Load of dam body is evenly distributed on foundation. This lessens treatment of foundation soil to only nominal of none.
5. Construction and installation are quicker compared to conventional gated regulating structures.
6. Total investment costs is 30-40% lower than that of conventional gated regulating structures.
7. Rubber dam can adapt to different settlement of foundation.
8. Low operation and maintenance costs.

Material of Rubber Dam
The rubber dam tube is made of strength canvas and rubber layer which ensures tightness of the rubber layers. The rubber layers encompass outer, middle and inner elements for different functions. This kind of rubber is well resistant against sharp objects, pieces of ice,stone and vibration caused by river overflowing.

The outer layer is made of the special rubber material characterized wear, sunlight, heat and ozone-resistance.
The middle layer is used for protection of canvas and for connection of two or more canvas with rubber layers.
The inner layer is used for protection of canvas and characterized watertight and airtight features.


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