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Writer:Tina D.Date:2015-09-02 10:30

In September 2015, we completely moved to our new factory.











We installed a new sidewall wall belting HOT VULCANIZATION assembling line which is the biggest in China!

Overhead crane lifting capacity for full factory area, which gives us better efficiency operations.

Four belt production press for base belt production under construction in the same building which give us a unique global position in sidewakk manufacturing terms.


QBF is NOT JUST ANOTHER of the many global manufactures.

We understand totally the requirements of each of the complements that are assembled together to make the complete sidewall belts,

and we achieve this by using high grade materials in conjunction with specialized manufacturing procedures which result in a high grade product that meet international quality standards.

Good production equipment

Good technology

Good labor

Good raw material

Good quality control

Good management

We need your support more to get success!!

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