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Steep Ribs conveyor belt maintenance and instructions

Date:2013-04-19 09:18

1, steep Ribs conveyor belt in the transport and storage of seed should be kept clean to avoid sun value shot or rain, snow Baptist leaching, prevent contact with acid, alkali oils, organic solvents and other substances, and one meter away from the heating device.

2, the storage warehouse temperature should be maintained -18 ℃ - between 40 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80% RH.

3, during storage, the product must be placed into a roll can not be folded, turning once during placement should be on a quarterly basis.

4 different types, specifications belt layers together should not use, the joint best use bonding method.

5, the type of steep Ribs conveyor belt, structure, size, number of layers should be a reasonable choice according to the conditions.

6. steep Ribs conveyor speed is generally not large and 2.5 m / s, block degree, wear large material and fixed plow unloader device uses low speed should be used.

7, the diameter of the conveyor drive roller and the conveyor belt fabric layer off first, passed down roller, offered support and the idler roller groove angle design requirements should be based on the provisions of the conveyor, reasonable selection.

8, feeding should be directed along the direction of tape, to reduce the impact on the whereabouts of the tape should be used when the material chute, reducing materials drop distance; tape feed section should be shortened by the roller spacing and the use of the buffer roller, to prevent leakage of material, with side should be moderately soft striker plate in order to avoid blocking plate excellent, with a surface scratch belt.

9, steep Ribs conveyor belt in use should note the following:

(1) to avoid roller covered by material, resulting in the rotation is not working, material card to prevent leakage between the drum and the belt, pay attention to the activities of lubricating, but not oil conveyor belt;

(2) to avoid starting with a load;

(3) tape deviation occurs, measures should be taken promptly corrected;

(4) found that local operations should promptly repair tape, in order to avoid expanding;

(5) Avoid tape suffer block rack, pillars or bulk materials, to prevent tearing Pengpo

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