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Handling common sense belt

Date:2014-07-16 09:17

First, the product of lifting:

When using a crane moving conveyor belt, preferably hoisting ropes and steel rods. First with a steel bar through the spindle hole, and strut rope with steel bars at both ends of the tape lift Diaozhu. When lifting, pay attention not to damage the rope belt edges. In the absence of steel bar and the strut, the rope can be a fabric having sufficient strength through the lifting spindle hole. But in place with ropes and contact pads of an object should be to prevent bad Shengsuo Le band edge. Shall not lift spreader inserted inside the coil, the rope can not be wound on the reel lifting, with volumes to prevent side slipping. You can also use a sufficient bearing capacity of the forklift to move crane, but not so with the outer ring damage

Second, the transport and storage of transport and storage, attention must not contact with acid, oil, water and other pollutants, and away from heat; avoid long-term direct sunlight and rain and snow Baptist leaching; storage temperature should be maintained at -10 ℃ -40 ℃, relative Humidity should be maintained at 50% -80%. Transport and storage shall be squeezed.

Third, use of the product:

  1. In use, is strictly prohibited in different categories with different specifications of the tape, connected together.

2. To prevent folding in use, the hard phase pressure. Should coiling use and storage.

3. The transport of materials and material direction of the falling speed and direction and speed of the tape with the same.

4. Before using a general first empty machine running, so as not to overload the motor and the belt slippage, before stopping, the tape should be emptied of all materials.

5. When using the tension should not be too large to be with the drive roller does not slip and transition material is not the premise of guaranteed work under minimal tension.

6. Do not allow the delivery of the tape deviation or meandering run, should be timely adjusted.

7. slipping phenomenon or pull them in use, should be timely troubleshooting, adjusting the tensioning system to keep flexible elastic means.

Fourth, the product of the joint:

Whatever the conveyor must be connected into the ring before use. Conveyor belt to form a ring line process called "conveyor belt joint." The way different types of conveyor belt joints vary, but usually include: three mechanical connectors (also known as belt buckle, card connectors), cold adhesive joints (using cold adhesive) and thermal curing joints the way. Joint quality will directly affect the normal use and service life of the conveyor belt, they need to be treated with caution. The use of units should be required to provide the belt supplier and joint technical information and technical training, it is best to use the joint material conveyor supply unit provided. Be sure to perform in accordance with the conveyor belt joint technical data specified in the joint technical condition joints.

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