Qingdao Best Friend Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd is constantly engaged in manufacturing, exporting & supplying of rubber conveyor belt and special purpose belting.The company was established in 2009 and is equipped with advanced production, research and development, testing equipment and experienced technical team in all aspects of the product. It has the most advanced rubber mixing facility in China…

As a result of manufacturing within China, we are able to offer a high quality product at a competitive price level follow the export standard , and this also provides a quick response service when required.

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials. It is mainly used for materials handling at Chemical industry (fertilizer), Harbor terminal (rock / ore / coal), Power plants (coal / ash / gypsum), Crushing plants (rock / gravel / sand), Mining (ore / limestone / chemicals), Steel plants (alloys / scrap metal / iron ore), etc. Advantages:1. No Transfer Points.2. No Spillage with steep angle Conveying.3. Maximum utilisation of space.4. Minimum Maintenance, Long Belt Life.5. Wide Range of Materials can be handled.6. Low Power Requirement, Quiet Smooth Running.   QBF sidewall belting is assembled by hot vulcanization technology, which achieves super high adhesion value, flatten and non-fall off. The adhesion won’t be influenced by high temperature material.The biggest new invested sidewall belt assembly lines in China for complete belts has installed, which ensures maximum quality standards and higher productivity.  QBF has wide ranging knowledge in all aspects of sidewall conveyor belting and it's aim is to supply correctly designed sidewall belts of the highest quality.                                                                                                          Production Range:Sidewall height: 40 mm--630 mmCleat height: 35 mm--500 mmBase Belt width: 500 mm--2400 mm   Rubber Qualities:Black Standard High Abrasion ResistantBlack Oil and Fat Resistant.  Heat Resistant to 150°C   High Heat Resistant to 180°CFlame Retardant                   

Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt

 Steel cord conveyor belt is extensively applied in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, power, chemical sectors for long-distance, large amount and high-speed conveying of materials.  Features:1. High tensile strength: Steel cord conveyor belt is suitable for large span, long distance transportation of materials.2. Small elongation in use: It need only a very short take-up stroke distance.3. Small diameter of drive pulley: Steel cord conveyor belt body has a layer of longitudinally arranged steel cords as its carcass, and thus is resistant to flex fatigue. Therefore, drive pulley of smaller diameter can be used to make the equipment smaller.4. High adhesion between rubber and steel cord: The steel cords are coated with zinc on their surface,and also the rubber used has the property of good adhesion with steel cords. Therefore, the rubber is tightly adhered to the steel cords and is resistant to shock and difficult to drop,so the rubber belts are long in life.5. Even tension of steel cords:Out of our advanced techniques in manufacturing, the steel cords are very evenly arranged and have the same tension, so the belts are well balanced in running and difficult to run away.6. Good troughability: As the belt body has no transverse skeleton, it is easy to from a deep trough,so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.7. Inspection of the belt with X-rays: Users can X-rays to inspect damages of the skeleton steel cords on the conveyor machines to prevent accidents from happening.Cover Compounds: General, Fire-resistant, Cold-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, Heat-resistant and Chemical-resistant.Standards offered: GB/T9770, DIN22131, EN ISO 15236, BS490, JIS, SANS1366 and AS1333.  Main technical index of ST series steel cord conveyor belt:GB/T9770 Standard:  DIN 22131 Standard:

Multi-Ply Fabric Conveyor Belt

 Fabric conveyor belt is a kind of traditional rubber belt, which is constructed by fabrics and covered with top and bottom rubber. It is reliable to transportation for short and medium distance, it is flexible, heavy duty and high speed. Now fabric belt is preferred to using by mining, seaport, construction, metallurgy, chemical and grain transportation. Types:Accordance with different carcass used in fabric belt, we can supply Nylon belt, EP belt. NN conveyor belt has the advantage of flexible, high tension, impact resistant characteristics, available for the conveying materials of medium distance.EP conveyor belt has the advantage of low elongation, excellent heat resistant, impact resistant, available for the materials handing of heavy duty, high speed and medium distance.  Accordance with different applications, we can produce different grades of belt as following:  1) Heat Resistant BeltAccording to the temperature of working environments, we can manufacture 3 different grades heating resistant belt, including up to 120℃ grade (HR120), up to 150℃ grade (HR150), up to 180℃ grade (HR180) and up to 200℃ grade (HR200) .Generally used by cements and steel works.2) Abrasion Resistant (≤90mm3) / super abrasion resistant (≤60mm3) BeltGenerally used for transport the hard or shaped materials, like iron ore, diamond, copper and other minerals.3) Oil Resistant BeltGenerally used for wood, papermaking, oil-based grain transportation.4) Acid/Alkali Resistant BeltAlways used in Chemical materials transportation.5) Cold Resistant BeltThe belt can work in some cold environment, like Northeast of China, Russia and North European countries.6) Fire Resistant BeltAlways used in underground coal mining, steel works and so on.7) conventional BeltGenerally used for small powder, grain and block materials. 

Chevron Conveyor Belt

 Chevron Belt is suitable for handing bulk materials or bags up to 40°, has the advantages of slip resistant and big conveying capacity. Widely used for conveying chip & bark, fertilizers, grains and sand, quarry, coal etc.         

Pipe Conveyor Belt

 Pipe conveyor belt with characteristics of excellent flexibility, high speed, large angles of inclination, unsealed transportation, reverse convening, eco-friendly. Widely used in metallurgy, power, chemical, port, building material, coal etc. for conveying bulk material of unsealed transportation.   Textile pipe conveyor belt width and corresponding pipe diameter specification: unit (mm)Normal Diameter100150200250300350400500600700800850Belt Width3005507309101100128014601820219025502900 3100 Rubber QualityPerformance class of cover rubberTensile Strength Mpa %≥Elongation at break %≥Abrasion mm3≤Ozone ResistantThe tensile strength and elongation at break’s change rate after aging %D18.040090No Cracking-25~+25H24.0450120No Cracking-25~+25T1、T210.0300200--45~+45Ozone resistant test condition: concentration (50±5)*10-8 (volume fraction),temperature (40±2)℃B, Hot air ageing test condition: D and H type pipe conveying belt 70℃*168h; T1 type pipe conveying belt 100℃*168h; T2 type pipe conveying belt 125℃*168h. The type D and type H belts should meet the requirement pf the table below:ItemPly to plyN/mmTransition part to plyN/mmCover rubber to plyN/mmThickness of Cover ≤1.5mmThickness of cover ﹥1.5mmMaximum value of all sample20202020Average value of all samples8. value of all samples7. Steel cord pipe conveyor belt width and corresponding pipe diameter specification: unit (mm)Nominal diameter (mm)Φ200Φ250Φ300Φ350Φ400Φ500Φ600 Φ700Belt Width (mm)73091011001280146018202190 2550 Tensile strength and belt width specification Rubber QualityPerformance class of cover rubberTensile Strength Mpa %≥Elongation at break %≥Abrasion mm3 ≤Ozone ResistantThe tensile strength and elongation at break’s change rate after aging %H25450120No Cracking -25~+25D1840090No Cracking -25~+25L20400150No Cracking -45~+45A.Ozone resistant test condition: concentration (50±5)*10-8 (volume fraction),temperature (40±2)℃Elongation (20±2)%, time 96h.B, Hot air ageing test condition: 70℃*168h.Note: H--- High anti-tear; D-----High Abrasion; L--Moderate abrasion 

Bucket Elevator Belt

 Characteristics and application:Conveyor belt which can conveying material vertically with bucket. Using a special strengthening tear resistant polyester canvas, or wire tear resistant layer,with small elongation, large conveying capacity, stable operation, convenient maintenance. It is suitable for conveying bulk material vertically, widely used in building, mining, chemical, light industry, machinery, electricity, grain and other departments.  Main Technique Date: Bucket Elevator Belt Type Belt Type Carcass Type Cover Thickness (mm) Width Range (mm) Top Cover Bottom Cover Conventional Type Nylon Belt NN100-NN400 1.5 1.5 300-2200 EP Belt EP100-EP400 3.0 3.0 Anti-tear Reinforcement Type Nylon Belt NN100-NN400 4.5 4.5 300-2200 EP Belt EP100-EP400 6.0 6.0 Steel Cord Conveyor Belt ST630-ST5000

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